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Journal Entry: Thu Feb 16, 2012, 2:09 PM
Back from a long but very important hiatus! For those of you who follow me on Tumblr, I've kept up to date on my recent events...
and that was joining the Army!
March 22nd I was sworn in, and August 28th is when I will be shipped out. Those of you who are curious, I'm going in as a Health care specialist, or nursing.
It's opposite of what I want to do, but with my boyfriend gone for another year and a half, and school hasn't done much for me, this will help me get ahead in life and get some real world experience. I could take forever explaining my reasons for it, but to spare you guys the details, just a way to be a little more independent and without the insane amounts of debt from schooling!

So that being said, now I can get back to working on commissions for the time being! XD;;

EDIT: 6/4
HOLY CRAP ANOTHER DD. asdfghjkl; oh man I do not deserve this haha XD <333
Sorry for my absence here by the way. Plowing away at lots of little projects and commissions, of course. DDDX I've got until August until I'm shipping out so GETTING LOTS DONE haha~
I came back to seeing all these messages and oh man I am so happy! Thank you guys a ton! <3


Journal Entry: Thu Jul 7, 2011, 6:34 PM
    :bulletyellow: Send me a note or e-mail to contact me about commissions
    :bulletyellow: Paypal payments ONLY, no point commissions
    :bulletyellow: E-mail:
    :bulletyellow: Digital Art ONLY (I will occassionally do traditonal inking, but I will always digitally color it)
    :bulletyellow: You will receive both a resized gallery version and a full sized version of your commission

    :bulletyellow: Five commissions will be taken at a time
    :bulletyellow: I will draw any original character or character from any fandom you want, in any style you want, as long as you provide me with decent reference
    :bulletyellow: I will not draw porn/fetish/extremely revealing outfits
    :bulletyellow: I will not do animations or reference sheets
    :bulletyellow: Commissions received by me can be used for any purpose you'd like (layouts, personal print outs, etc.), but please don't sell prints of it

:star:FULL PIECE::star:
A regular, fully done drawing with a detailed background and your character(s) or anything you want. Any style you like from my gallery, I can do!
PRICE: $45 (one character + background)
Extra character added: $10 each
Know Your Enemy by Tuooneo Movies by Tuooneo Giftart-Extvia by Tuooneo Commission2-Fatal-Hearts by Tuooneo

A speedpaint of any kind scenery you want! I can add in a character, but it will not be the main focal point.
PRICE: $20-30
Subconscious by Tuooneo Lost In This Feeling by Tuooneo In The Air by Tuooneo

Any Pokemon you want, I will draw it! This also includes fake Pokemon, teams, and your own Trainers.
PRICE: $15 (one Pokemon + simple background)
Extra Pokemon added: $10 each
Complex/Detailed Background: $15-20 added to order
Team Drawing: $65 (Trainer + six Pokemon)

Truths and Ideals by Tuooneo Commission-Angelis21 by Tuooneo Commission-Rattychic by Tuooneo Commission-Pobblebonkers by Tuooneo

Drawing of your character or any other character from the waist up. Includes a simple background, not as detailed as a full piece drawing.
PRICE: $25
Resurrect by Tuooneo What Superheroes Do by Tuooneo Commission-AKRine by Tuooneo Commission2-Imperfectclone19 by Tuooneo

Drawing of your character or any other character in a chibi style or other simple cartoon style.
PRICE: $15 (one character + background)
Carbonation by Tuooneo Rush Of Wind by Tuooneo Chibi Miro - ID by Tuooneo South Park Fanart Preview II by Tuooneo

Quick single color/two colored sketch of whatever character you want!
PRICE: $7 per character
Commission-ChibiSilverWings by Tuooneo Frantic Coffee Run by Tuooneo If I Survive by Tuooneo

300x300 image of whatever you'd like me to draw that can be resized to whatever icon size you'd like!

1.) :iconakrine: (DONE!)
2.) :iconkitsune-aka-cettie: (DONE!)
3.) :iconinfernalfeather: (paid/in progress...)
4.) :iconchibisilverwings: (paid/in progress...)
5.) :iconsuzuongaku: (paid/in progress...)